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Child Support & Property Division in Los Angeles, California

Quality legal advice is just around the corner. Shelly M. Mandell, Attorney at Law, in Los Angeles, California, works with child support cases in addition to cases dealing with property division.
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Child Custody & Visitation

Once a couple separates, they must come to an agreement regarding the percentage of time that each parent will have with the children. Some options are sole custody, joint custody, 50/50 custody, and physical custody. It is a case-by-case issue. A thorough investigation is conducted to determine a plausible custody agreement.
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Child Support

Sometimes after a marriage dissolves, 1 party will be held responsible for paying support to the other party in order to pay for expenses incurred by the children. In California, child support is always calculated on guideline amounts, taking both parents' custodial time, as well as income of parent, into account. If there is a high-income parent, there is adjustment from the guidelines.
Support can become a highly-contentious issue. If 1 party is not fully disclosing their income, we will go to outside sources to verify correct income and get appropriate amounts. Both parties have to file disclosures, and if there is question about their validity, we will investigate more deeply.


Property Division

Shelly M. Mandell, Attorney at Law also deals with property division cases. If there is question of hidden assets or debts, those matters will be thoroughly investigated, including obtaining a schedule of assets and debts. We only work with the value at time of separation. Sometimes you need a forensic to go in and investigate businesses to testify in court. Be prepared to answer the following questions during your consultation:
• "Are there other issues of ownership of properties?"
• "What are values of community retirement accounts, 401k, investments, and properties?"
• "What is the debt?"
• "Is the marriage upside-down or not?"
• "Does the family residence have equity and how do you value that?"
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